Q. I have not received my W2 yet. When will it be mailed?
A. We ensure all W-2’s are mailed by January 31st each year. If your address changes, please contact the payroll department at 457-2500, or email payroll@cpsrecruiter.com

Q. My work shift ends after you close. Can someone else pick up my paycheck?
A. Yes. You’ll need to write a brief note containing the person’s name that will be picking up your check and be sure the person has photo identification.

Q. What if I get a job offer elsewhere while temping for CPS?
A. While we prefer your commitment to completing your entire assignment, we understand that these circumstances arise. As a professional courteously, we request that you give us 2 weeks’ notice to find a suitable replacement.

Q. I need a copy of my pay history. How do I get that?
A. Our payroll department will be happy to help you please call 457-2500 or email payroll@cpsrecruiter.com. Be prepared to provide you social security number and dates of employment.

Q. I am interested in a job opening at the company where I’m temping. Can I apply for it?
A. Please contact your recruiter if you are applying for an internal position.

Q. I didn’t receive my paycheck in the mail. What do I do?
A. Our policy requires a one week waiting period prior to issuing a new check. Contact our payroll department to coordinate the reissuing of a lost paycheck.

Q. I took a computer class since I last worked for you. Should I let you know?
A. Yes! Your skills are very valuable to our clients. Please update your recruiter and send a revised resume.

Q. I have a friend looking for a job. Can I send him/her to CPS Recruitment?
A. Yes. We offer a referral bonus if we place someone you send our way. Contact your recruiter for more details.