Can You Spot These Clerical Interview Mistakes?

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We all know that interviewing can be stressful, which can increase the likelihood of making a mistake.  If you are worried that you may be making critical mistakes during your clerical interview, keep an eye out for these big errors. Rambling About Your Exit from Your Last Job Being asked why you left your last… Read more »

Be Prepared for These 5 Difficult Legal Interview Questions

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Walking in for an interview can be intimidating, especially since you often don’t know exactly what to expect. While certain questions are considered givens, those that apply strictly to the legal field are not always as readily available. If you want to make sure you are as prepared as possible for your next legal interview,… Read more »

Soft Skills Missing From Your Healthcare Resume

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Some experts refer to soft skills on resumes as “personality skills.” They are increasingly important in all career fields, but perhaps nowhere are they more vital than in the healthcare arena. After all, what industry is more people oriented than taking care of others on a daily basis and enhancing their lives through medical and… Read more »

The Secret to Acing Your Next Engineering Interview

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Interview styles vary depending on what position the candidate is interviewing for, and engineering is no different. As an engineer, you will be screened based on your expertise in the industry and your preparedness will take you far in an interview. You want to demonstrate that you not only have the technical skills, but you have… Read more »

Love Your Sales Job? Here’s How to Keep It That Way

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  As much as you may love your sales job, the shine and luster may dull in time. Any number of stressors – or even a humdrum routine – can cause your passion to sap and your enthusiasm to dry up. In the long run, you may need to change jobs or even embark on… Read more »

How to Network Your Way into a Great New Accounting Career

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As you seek your next great accounting job, take an innovative approach that goes way beyond posting your resume on industry job boards. The best opportunities are found via networking – both on and offline. Use the most powerful tactics you can to stand out from the crowd of candidates vying for the same position…. Read more »

Looking for a Change in Your Admin Job? These Tips Can Help!

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When you realize your admin job just isn’t working for you anymore, it’s tempting to give your notice tomorrow and forge ahead, making a change ASAP. But, making the right choice takes time, patience, work and thought. Successful career changes rarely proceed in a straight line. Use these tips to make your career transition a… Read more »

Three Tips to Help Your Engineering Resume Stand Out

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You’re an engineer – not an HR or marketing expert. When you’re doing your job, you absolutely need to think like an engineer. But, when trying to land your next great job, you have to be able to sell yourself, especially on your resume. One of the greatest challenges with engineering resumes is determining which… Read more »

Can You Stand Out in an IT Interview in Just Five Minutes?

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Can the first five minutes of your IT interview make or break your chances of landing the job? In a single word: Yes. Hiring managers size up candidates very quickly – and the first few minutes of your interview are critical to your success. Follow these tips so you can quickly stand out among the… Read more »

All Administrative Candidates NEED to Read This Advice

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As you seek your next job as an administrative professional, it’s crucial that you stand out from the competition. When selling yourself, your focus needs to be on your organizational strengths, communication skills, initiative, technical literacy, honesty and discretion, time management abilities and grace under pressure. Phew! It’s quite the tall order. But with the… Read more »

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