Read Beyond the Job Description to See If You’re Qualified

By- cpsrecruiter

You found it; the perfect job. The only problem is, you do not meet the job description requirements 100 percent. Does that mean you shouldn’t apply? The answer is, it depends. When you are not a perfect match for an open position’s job description, it is easy to become disheartened. But, that does not mean… Read more »

Don’t Have a Resume? We Can Help!


When it comes to applying for a job, most advice circles around creating the ideal resume. While the tips are certainly valid, they don’t necessarily help everyone. After all, not every job seeker has a resume. Not having a resume can leave many job seekers feeling defeated before they even start. It can seem like… Read more »

We Caught That White Lie on Your Resume…


When you spot a job that is almost a perfect match for your skills and experience, it’s normal to be excited. However, if the one thing you are missing is considered a must-have on the vacancy announcement, that excitement can quickly turn into something else. You may find yourself debating, “Should I apply for the… Read more »

Resume Changes to “WOW” Employers in the New Year!


Most professionals spend some time at the beginning of the new year reflecting on their career and planning for what is on the horizon. However, not everyone gives their resume the same level of care, especially on an annual basis. If you haven’t adjusted your resume within the last 12 months (or longer), now is… Read more »

5 CNY Jobs You Can Land Today!


When the new year begins, many professionals start looking for a new job. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities in Central New York, including CNY jobs in a variety of industries. If you are looking for a new position, here are five CNY jobs you can land today. 1. Administrative Assistant If you are dynamic,… Read more »

Be Present at Work (Even When Your Mind is Elsewhere…)


No professional lives solely at the office. Everyone has personal responsibilities and challenges, and issues outside of the workplace can make it difficult to focus when you clock in for your shift. However, when you aren’t fully present, the quality of your work suffers, and your level of productivity falls. Learning how to quiet your… Read more »

Stop Wasting Holiday Money on a Job Search!


Conducting a job search isn’t just stressful; it can also be expensive. Buying interview clothing and traveling to interviews can be additional costs that are hard to afford, especially if you are looking for a new opportunity because you are unemployed or are fighting with a tight budget. Luckily, there are things you can do… Read more »

Not All Skills Are Transferable Skills…


When you are working your way up the career ladder, it’s easy to assume the skills that got you to where you are will be the ones to carry you forward. However, at certain transition points, some of your core competencies don’t provide the same level of value. If your career has stagnated, focusing on… Read more »

Uncover Your Career Passion – And Give Back to the CNY Community!


Typically, people initially select a career path based on what they believe they will enjoy. It isn’t uncommon for young adults to have limited (if any) experience in a field when they begin pursuing it, either as a college major or potential profession, and most don’t get it right the first time. Often, the best… Read more »

Could Your Resume Impress Google?


Those who apply to companies like Google understand they need to stand out if they are going to land a coveted position. However, when what separates you from the crowd is the mistakes and errors in your resume, your chances of being offered the job diminish quickly. Even if you have no intention of applying… Read more »

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