3 Bad Management Habits You Need to Break Now

By- cpsrecruiter

When managers work to improve their skills, they usually focus on what they should start doing, not what they should stop. Articles, posts, and books that focus on management habits typically concentrate on positive additions they believe you should adopt. However, by working to avoid certain missteps, you can also increase your effectiveness in your… Read more »

How to Hire CNY Employees Who Immediately Add Value to Your Team


Most companies would agree their CNY employees are their most important asset. When you decide to extend an offer to a job candidate, you want to make sure they will add value to your team, improving the overall strength of your workforce. Making sure you are bringing the best job seeker on board can feel… Read more »

Don’t Let Your Open Jobs Sit Out in the Cold!


Today, companies are dealing with numerous recruiting challenges. Not only is unemployment low but the labor pool is also shrinking, leaving businesses in an incredibly competitive hiring environment with many open jobs. Finding top talent is increasingly a priority. By using the right strategies, you can reduce your time-to-hire, even in today’s marketplace. If you… Read more »

Revamp These Management Tactics to Lead Your Team in 2019!


Keeping up with daily work demands can be a challenge. Many managers are over-tasked, and so are their teams. This often creates an environment where working longer and harder is the norm. However, pushing yourself and everyone else to the brink isn’t the most effective approach. By using management tactics that enhance productivity and battle… Read more »

3 Benefits Healthcare Workers NEED This Year


Today, healthcare workers are in short supply. Not only does this mean that competition for top talent is fierce, but it also suggests many employers are asking more of their staff in an attempt to cover skill gaps or making up for being short-staffed. Without the proper benefits, retaining healthcare workers is practically impossible. If… Read more »

Did Your Employees Get What They Asked for This Holiday?


Most top performers want to make their employers happy. However, they can only do so if they have everything they need to thrive. If you fail to provide your staff with what they need, they aren’t going to be able to meet your expectations. This holiday season, consider digging into what will benefit your employees… Read more »

Deliver Holiday Cheer… And Feedback? Read This First


Feedback is critical if you want employees to be at their best. However, delivering criticism around the holidays can be difficult, especially since most people associate the season with cheer and good tidings. Luckily, it is possible to have challenging conversations without neglecting the spirit of the holidays. By using the right approach, negative points… Read more »

Are You Making Employees Do Things They Hate?


While not every aspect of any job is fun, some tasks are downright loathsome in the eyes of certain employees. Even if the work is necessary, requiring team members to spend a significant amount of their day on duties that are mundane, repetitive, or not engaging can be incredibly damaging to morale. Over time, a… Read more »

Your Organization’s Role in Sexual Harassment Prevention


In an effort to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace, the State of New York released a draft policy that all employers must either choose to adopt or use as guidance when creating their own policies. The model was built as part of legislation that was passed earlier this year and outlines specific… Read more »

The 5 Worst Interview Questions


When it comes to interview questions, they aren’t all created equal. Some allow the candidates to reveal critical information about themselves while others are fairly ineffective approaches when you need to assess a job seeker’s capabilities. An effective interview allows hiring managers to discover important details about a candidate’s skills, experience, and personality, making it… Read more »