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Ring in the New Year with a New Call Center Career: Here’s How

    If you’re passionate about customer service, 2016 can be the year that you launch or advance your call center career. Call centers employ a range of professionals in a variety of roles, from service representatives to senior managers. This could be the time to find the career niche within the call center industry […]

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5 Questions to NEVER Ask in an Interview

Hiring managers often close out an interview by asking candidates if they have any questions of their own. This is a great opportunity to find out more about your prospective employer and their expectations. But remember: Your interviewer has not stopped evaluating you at this point. So use your questions to finish on a strong […]

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How to Trim the Fat from Your Resume

Your resume is your primary marketing tool. Think of it as a print advertisement for a very important product: you! Would you read a three-page ad? Probably not. And neither will most hiring managers. In fact, the average time that a screener spends on initial resume review is just six seconds. So when it comes […]

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Is Your Vacation Policy Promoting Slacking in the Workplace?

Changes in the workplace and its demographics have challenged traditional models for many benefits, including paid vacation. Both employer economic considerations and employee expectations have evolved. An increasing number of companies offer “unlimited” paid vacation. Handled effectively, an unlimited vacation policy can work for everyone. But while this option does offer certain benefits, you also […]

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5 Tips to Steer Clear of Office Gossip – and the Drama that Follows

Fostering relationships with co-workers is essential, but your professional life is most secure if you stay away from office gossip. Don’t let workplace socializing spill over into demoralizing gossip or impair your ability to get your job done and get ahead. Gossip is a downward spiral that can lead to diminished productivity, resentment, shattered morale […]

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Your Job Search Doesn’t End After Rejection!

Receiving a rejection letter following an interview hurts. You felt good coming out. You thought it went well – and chances are, it did. Simply getting the interview was a big step … a sign that you were among the top contenders for the job. But only one person can be selected and, sadly, sometimes […]

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You’re following up Too Much in Your Job Search When …

You’re confident that your job interview went well. You thought that was the hard part … but it seems easy, now that you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for some feedback and the final outcome. How do you come across as professional and interested, versus desperate or needy, as you follow up in […]

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On the Job Hunt? Don’t Forget These Three Things

Searching for a job is not easy. The longer the process drags on, the less enjoyable it becomes – and the more your enthusiasm wanes. It’s important to acknowledge this fact, and keep a few key pointers in mind so you don’t burn out and throw in the proverbial towel. Stay upbeat and energized in […]

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You’re a New Grad: Congrats! Now What?

Job prospects for the Class of 2015 look better than they have in several years. Although just five percent of nationwide openings are specifically targeted to new college grads, the number of permanent, full-time positions among these opportunities has increased 20 percent since 2014. And postings for recent graduates are forecast to grow through the […]

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What You Should Know about Every Single Candidate

When you interview a job candidate, you are fulfilling one of the most important responsibilities of your own role: helping to select new employees, working to secure the future of your business, and avoiding costly hiring mistakes. The more you can learn about every individual you interview, the better. Get to know each candidate and […]

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