Stop Scaring Away Employees with Your Nightmare Onboarding Process


As more job seekers scrutinize a company’s culture before accepting a position, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that your nightmare onboarding process could be costing you top talent. Plus, a recent survey suggests that turnover numbers during the first month are incredibly high (in some cases measuring between 30 and 50 percent), and your onboarding procedures could be responsible there too.

While starting a new position is stressful in general, a bad initial experience with a company is sure to send some people running. Leaving them stuck at a desk while they manage paperwork and wait for the access they need to do their job isn’t making a great impression. And abandoning them to their own devices is guaranteed to leave a sour taste in their mouths.

Luckily, there are easy things you can do to improve your onboarding process, helping you connect with new hires during this critical time. Here are a few you can try out today.

Start Before Day One

You don’t have to wait for the new employee to walk in the door on their first day to get them started. A quick phone call welcoming them to the team can make them feel more comfortable right from the beginning, and giving them a chance to start on some of the paperwork in advance can make the transition easier for everyone to manage.

This allows you to get the ball rolling on building a relationship while getting a jump start on administrative tasks speeds up the amount of time required for the worker to become productive.

Encourage Socialization

A new hire is meeting a lot of people on their first day (or even week), but they aren’t always given an opportunity to get to know their new co-workers or manager. Instead of burying them in paperwork all day, schedule some time for everyone to socialize. This can include blocking out time for a team meeting that focuses on giving your workers a chance to get to know one another, as well as taking the new hire out to lunch with key members of the team.

Giving everyone a chance to find common ground can make it easier to collaborate later, so this little investment can yield big results down the road.

Acknowledge Early Achievements

Praise and recognition can have a big impact on employees, especially those who are just beginning. As your new hire moves through the onboarding process, look for opportunities to acknowledge their efforts and achievements. This can include how well they handled the interview, acknowledgment of an impressive credential in the background, or even simple appreciation that they are working on the onboarding tasks.

A few positive words can help demonstrate you respect their skills, experience, and dedication as they move forward, laying a foundation upon which to build a strong working relationship.

If you are interested in improving your onboarding process, the knowledgeable team at CPS Recruitment can help you get started. Contact us today to see how our customized services can ensure you make the best impression possible on your new hires.



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