Make Your Paralegal Resume Stand Out with These Tips


Let’s face facts; when a job opening comes along, only one candidate is being selected for the position. That means you need to make sure your paralegal resume stands out whenever you apply for a coveted vacancy.

Often, the amount of competition you’ll face is a bit of a mystery, though some positions can draw the attention of hundreds of applicants. If you want to pique the hiring manager’s interest, you need to bring something unique to the table.

Many paralegals assume having a strong, targeted resume is enough, but many professionals are familiar with the standard techniques used to craft a great application. That means you need to go the extra mile. Here’s what you need to do to help make your paralegal resume stand out from the crowd.

Make Your Resume “Scannable”

Trends in resumes come and go, but having an easy-to-read format is forever. Many people are tempted by various tricks, such as adding tables or graphics. However, many of these can’t be easily read by applicant tracking systems that sort potentially qualified candidates from those who lack the skills. If key details about your experience are held in a non-standard format, such as an image, you may get discarded before the hiring manager can even take a look.

You also want to make sure scanning your resume is easy on the eyes. In many cases, hiring managers only dedicate a few seconds to an applicant unless something catches their attention. That means you want all important details to be presented clearly. Often, this means balancing text with white space, making sure you don’t shrink the font too much as a method for squeezing in more content and avoiding unnecessary visuals that add clutter.

Include Links to Your Website

It’s no secret that more hiring managers are scouring social media to learn more about applicants. While you want to lock down personal pages with strong privacy settings, you can also encourage the exploration of your professional profiles by including links.

If you have a LinkedIn account, include the website address on your resume. This works as an open invitation to come take a look, and can help ensure they don’t confuse your profile with that of someone with a similar name.

For those who want to take it a step further, consider creating a personal website. Many places let you create a professional-looking website for free, giving you a chance to express your professional brand and say more than you might otherwise be able. You can include a portfolio or images of reference letters along with more extensive information than your resume can support.

Since you want to keep your resume clear and concise, using a website to allow you to delve deeper can be an excellent approach for getting the information out there, without compromising the appearance of this critical document.

If you want to learn more about how to make your paralegal resume stand out or are interested in finding a new position, the professionals at CPS Recruitment want to hear from you. Contact us today to see how our services can help ensure you don’t get lost in the crowd.



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