Make the Most Out Of Your Temporary Assignment – It Could Lead to a Permanent Position!

Temporary work offers many great benefits. You can gain experience in a new field, enjoy a flexible schedule, and take advantage of different career possibilities that can lead to permanent job opportunities. With that said, success in a temporary position requires more that just showing up. If you are ultimately looking for a permanent position you should treat your temporary position as a working interview. 

Here are some tips for getting the most of out of your temporary position.

 1.   Find a staffing firm
First and foremost develop a good relationship with a top-notch staffing firm like Contemporary Personnel Staffing. Do your research and find the right staffing firm for you. Go to their website; learn about their company profile, learn about the industries they service and the positions they fill, make some intro calls and find out how to get registered with them.

2.   Review your temporary assignment with you Recruiter
After you have become registered with a staffing firm, your recruiter will try to find you an assignment that is a match for your background and skill set.  Once you have been offered your first temporary assignment; take the time to thoroughly review the assignment with your recruiter. Make sure that you are comfortable with the job description and company culture. This will let you know what is expected of you and help you make a great first impression.

 3.    When on your assignment “Ask Questions”
Many times employers will expect temporary workers to simply hit the ground running. But, once you begin your assignment you may have questions. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask you supervisor. The better you understand your role, the more effective you will be in it. This could lead to being hired.

4.   Dress To Impress
Make sure you don’t dress too casually because you are not part of the team yet. Carry yourself professionally with your dress attire and personal grooming. This will show that you are a serious candidate that wants to be hired. 

5.    Be Positive At All Times & Make Friends
A company will be more likely to want to hire you if they like you and you fit in with their culture and other employees. Make an effort to get know your co-workers and go above and beyond with offering help.

The ultimate goal is to make your employer feel like they cannot live without you. This is very important. If you have put your best foot forward, and have been the stellar worker that the employer is looking for, you will be on your way to a permanent position.

If you would like help turning your next temporary opportunity into a permanent job contact Ellen Mable at

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