The Early Bird Gets The Worm

By Steve Schanz, CPC , Engineering Recruiter 

In today’s recruiting climate, job seekers outnumber job vacancies.  And, employers are taking their time in making hiring decisions. It is not uncommon for a job to be open for 4+ months.  Companies have been slow to make hiring decisions and are keeping hopes up that the perfect candidate is just another week or two away. At times, it appears as though hiring managers are in the driver’s seat– but before they start the journey, do they know their exact destination?

What happens when that 110% candidate match does not materialize?  What if there aren’t any new candidates left to review?  What about those candidates who were 85% qualified and fortunate enough to get selected for interviews, spent hours of time meeting with multiple hiring managers to just be put on hold.  Fast forward to decision making time:  after all of the time and resources invested–you find out that the candidate’s interest has faded–or worse yet, they were snatched up by your competitor.

From my experience, companies who reach their destination are the ones that have clearly defined job descriptionsinterview processes, and decision making timelines. Being forthcoming to candidates about this information will heighten their excitement and keep them interested each step of the way. 

As a recruiter, I know the importance of open and detailed communication.  My job only begins when I screen and submit a qualified candidate.  I am actively involved in the process from initial resume submittal to extending the job offer.  Along this journey (interview process) I have multiple conversations with job seekers to keep them up to date with the steps in the process, debrief them after each interview phase, and help answer any questions that come up.  That way, when a final interview is reached, everyone is on the same page and mutually interested. Win. Win. Win.

Companies that invest in hiring a well networked recruitment firm to identify those hard to find candidates and keep them interested and informed throughout the way, are the ones who reach their destination in the shortest amount of time. 

If you want to be that early bird and get a first look at highly skilled, sought after candidates, you can contact Steve Schanz at

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